Press Kits

Create a press kit that speaks for your business
An effective product or service requires a constructive impression, and Electronic press kits are great tools for that.
These professionally designed outlets help you create quality impressions, whether in the form of covers for music videos, bios or blogs, or even side-lines for job interviews.
Our standardized Press kits ensure that every artist gets booked for the show and grasps the record deal they dream of.
Just remember, a business not featured is a that is business lost. Let us help you in creating a professional and iconic label or promoter. This way, you have a better chance of gaining buzz and, hopefully, quality clients.

Fast on-time delivery
We ensure fast turnaround times for our versatile designs.

Extensive quality check
Still worried about the results? You don’t need to!
We always ensure that our final product meets the standard, Extensive quality check is guaranteed before emailing it to customers.

Get your files in FTP format
For your convenience, we provide our service in FTP format, so it’s accessible to everyone!

Leave a great and lasting impression when contacting media outlets.
Press kit are important tools for any artist trying to make a first impression within the music industry. Typically press kits are a collection of promotional materials that can be mailed or emailed to create a good impression. Items such as cd covers, music videos, photos, bio, interviews, and so on constitute good press kit contents.
Remember, you are not the only artist out there looking for a record deal or to get booked for shows. The more professional your presentation the better chance you have to impress the record labels and promoters. Don’t just submit a press kit, submit an experience.