Done Deal Digital’s mission is to promote new and upcoming talented Artist & musicians. Done Deal Digital helps develop independent artist into well rounded mainstream artist. Our services support artist by providing a vehicle for artist music to reach across the country through proper distribution and PR management.

“Art without Marketing is just a Hobby”

The world is full of creative and talented artists but the only reason behind their unheard music is; it’s not reaching a wider audience. Even in today’s digital age of music without proper marketing, an artist can’t make their presence felt in the industry. Lack of marketing creates no interest and subsequently no revenue. Every artist whether they work full-time or part-time needs an effective marketing strategy to market their work and to get recognition. There is no shame in accepting the fact that you are serious about what you do, and you want to pursue your music career professionally. Marketing is not an enemy of your talent and passion, it’s a step towards success. An artist who takes the professional route will definitely need more than talent; that is properly managed PR. All artists need to grow and scale their followings gradually through effective marketing. Done Deal Digital is offering PR marketing as well as music/video distribution.  

The Man Behind Done Deal Digital – Feady Crocka

Feady Crocka” is a Bay Area rap artist/producer/business owner Born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Back in 1995, Feady Crocka first appeared as “The Fast 1” with his  Debut album “Down 4 the cause”  featuring Tha Dangla on ” I Had It Hard”. The album was very unique in style, and is considered a rare Bay Area gem. Standout songs include “Wake Up”, “Down 4 the Cause”, Freak Da Fonk, and Landed On a Mill Ticket. The album was recorded a year earlier, in 1994. In 1996 Feady Crocka was also responsible for Executive Producing and Releasing Tha Dangla debut LP “Straight Max’n”. Legendary phunky phat graph-x handled the artwork (whose other clients included Master P, No Limit Records, Rappin’4 Tay, E-40, JT The Bigga Figga , C-BO, to name a few). The Fast 1 began building a new audience under the name “Feady Crocka” some years later. Feady Crocka re-emerged in 2007, featuring on various Bay Area compilations. Feady Crocka made his appearance on the song “Bay 2 LA” alongside Snoop Dogg, trading versus with the Doggfather himself. Feady Crocka has been instrumental in assisting the Bay Area rap culture Other artist he’s worked with are San Quinn, Mr. Freejack, Messy Marv, J-Doe, SpenDoe, J’Dom and other’s. Feady Crocka has taken his Done Deal Digital imprint, and built it into some-thing fascinating. He is in the process of releasing new music and venturing into other areas of business. Music has, and always will be something that Feady Crocka is passionate about, but there’s so much more to do in other areas. It is possible to branch off into other areas of business, while embodying the core values of building and growing into various things.